Prosthetic Leg

Goldsboro Prosthetic Leg

Goldsboro prosthetic leg experts in NC near 27534

A prosthetic leg from our clinic in Goldsboro, NC, helps individuals with leg amputations move around with ease, comfort, and safety. These legs mimic the functionality of the real leg.

Some of the components of a typical Goldsboro prosthetic leg include socket, knee joint, suspension mechanism, and pylon.

Evergreen Prosthetics & Orthotics, founded in 2005, has more than 25 locations today and has served thousands of patients. We combine our knowledge and resources to create reliable Goldsboro prosthetic leg solutions for our patients.

Our multiple, conveniently located offices make it easier for our patients to seek our services.

We are able to provide faster Goldsboro prosthetic leg services due to our in-house fabrication lab. You can rely on us for:

  • Artificial leg
  • Pediatric prosthetic leg
  • Amputee leg
  • Below knee prosthesis

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Goldsboro Prosthetic Arm

Cutting-edge Goldsboro prosthetic arm in NC near 27534

We provide custom Goldsboro prosthetic arm solutions for both transradial prosthesis and transhumeral prosthesis. Our team designs and fabricates lightweight prostheses for all kinds of amputations.

We strive to provide services that help you live a more productive life. The Goldsboro prosthetic arm solutions we provide include wrist disarticulation, partial hand, above and below the elbow, and shoulder disarticulation among others.

Our Goldsboro prosthetic arm prosthetists will work closely with you to ensure your unique needs are addressed. Losing one or more arms is a life-changing experience, but it should not define you.

Our Goldsboro prosthetic arm solutions help our patients regain mobility and functionality to lead a more productive life.

You can count on our experience when you need:

  • Pediatric upper limb prosthesis
  • Artificial upper limb
  • Prosthetic arms for amputees
  • Hand prosthesis

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Goldsboro Prosthetic Hand

Customized Goldsboro prosthetic hand in NC near 27534

When you are referred to our practice for a Goldsboro prosthetic hand assessment and restoration, you will undergo an evaluation to provide a prosthesis customized to your unique needs, capabilities, and preferences. While some Goldsboro prosthetic hand designs have no or limited movement, others can hold pencils, grip objects, and even move in a more natural manner.

We can design and fit a passive, body-powered, and myoelectric Goldsboro prosthetic hand. Our qualified and experienced staff can create a Goldsboro prosthetic hand that can replicate a limb or utilize the residual muscles.

We provide solutions and services for:

  • Artificial hand
  • Partial hand prosthesis near me
  • Myoelectric hand prosthesis
  • Amputee hands

Contact us at Evergreen Prosthetics & Orthotics to learn how we can help with a Goldsboro prosthetic hand!

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