Pediatric Prosthetics and Orthotics
We will work closely with you to meet your child’s goals.
Establishing care with a prosthetist is similar to working with your primary care doctor.
Diabetic Footwear
As an individual with Diabetes, protecting your feet is extremely important. Please contact your local Evergreen clinic to inquire about our Diabetic Footwear services available to you.
Orthotic devices range from shoe inserts to back braces to infant helmets
What People Say About Us

Jason Funk

I have all my faith in Tim. He’s always trying to work with me and my goals. I am hard on my legs and Tim is always there to make sure I am taken care of.

Luther Detamore

I still work on my own cars, mow and till my lawn, this doesn’t stop me. I just have to make a few adjustments.

Joel Glass

I have all my faith in Tim. He’s always trying to work with me and my goals. I am hard on my legs and Tim is always there to make sure I am taken care of.

Dawnetta Fuchs

Evergreen has helped me get back on my feet - literally

Mike Kuhl

I won't move out of the area. He’s my legs, without him & others at Evergreen I don't get around.

Ed Haskins

Working with Dave & Evergreen has done everything for me. They have made a real terrible situation easier to deal with.

Jennifer Ezzell

I’ve found somebody that will do whatever they can to make things work. I’ve been in the office for hours until we get things feeling right.

Prosthetics and Orthotics

See it yourself to get a better understanding of how our team of therapists work!
Evergreen is unlike most other prosthetic and orthotic companies. Each of our clinics has an in-house fabrication lab for creating and customizing your device. Are you looking for something different or unique? Our team of specialists will work together to make sure your specific needs are met and you are 100% satisfied with your new device!

Clinic Locations

Evergreen Prosthetics and Orthotics has grown to over 25 locations in seven states. Here you will find our clinic addresses, phone and fax numbers, as well as links to Google maps.

Prosthetic Services

Each year in the US, more than 156,000 people experience the loss of a limb. Infants born without a limb, traumatic and permanent injuries, diabetes complications or cancer can result in an amputation.

Orthotics Services

Orthotics devices can be used to solve a variety of conditions like, acute injury, chronic pain, diabetic complications and scoliosis. Our team of certified Orthotists can help remedy these common ailments.

Patient Resources

Evergreen is dedicated to making our patient experience as easy and informative as possible! Here you can find patient forms, insurance and payment information, a glossary of common terms and our Blog.

Your Team

Our Board-Certified practitioners and highly trained staff put patients first. Meet your team and get to know the Evergreen family.


Prosthetics and orthotics can be confusing and overwhelming. Evergreen has provided a FAQ page to help answer your pressing questions, inform you of helpful tips and reduce your dress throughout treatment.

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