Kelly Weston CPO

Kelly Weston, CPO

Serving Vancouver & surrounding areas

Kelly has been a Prosthetist/ Orthotist since 2007. He originally chose this field because it allows him to connect with people while simultaneously using his unique set of skills to improve the quality of their lives. Kelly received his P &O training from the University of Washington and has practiced in Washington State for the past 15 years.

He enjoys the hands-on nature of the field and feels that the diversity of his patient’s needs keeps him engaged and motivated to come to work each day. Kelly focuses on treating patients using a team approach and highly values the input of other healthcare professionals.

Being born and raised in the great state of Washington, he is an outdoor enthusiast who spends as much time in nature as possible. He is currently working on developing his golf skills and is not afraid to admit that “it’s coming along slowly.” Although he dislikes the term, Kelly would describe himself as a “foodie.” Many of his evenings and weekends are spent trying new restaurants and finding interesting ways to grill/smoke various meats.