Kayla Inman Social Impact Manager & Peer Support Advocate

Kayla Inman, Social Impact Manager & Peer Support Advocate

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As the Social Impact Manager and Peer Support Advocate at Evergreen Prosthetics & Orthotics, Kayla embodies resilience and advocacy in the face of adversity. Her journey took a profound turn in September 2021, when she underwent a life changing amputation below the knee after battling a half decade of trauma and developed treatment-resistant complex regional pain syndrome. This challenging but transformative experience redirected her path towards championing accessibility and support for amputees. Two months after losing her leg, Kayla founded the Grand Valley Amputee Support Group, which started with 4 members and has expanded to 80 members across Western Colorado. Kayla proudly delivered a TEDx speech, sharing her story and shedding light on the resilience of the human spirit. Kayla’s determination and perseverance have led her to take on challenges, both physical and mental, and emerge stronger from each one.

Kayla has the unique perspective of understanding the continuous mental health issues that arise with chronic pain. She also recognizes the barriers that one must face when choosing amputation and after becoming an amputee. Now, she has been using her second chance in life to help advocate for fellow amputees and share her message of positivity through her work. She spends time speaking with others facing limb loss, and those who recently have experienced it, to guide them through their new journey and help them overcome any barriers they may face. Since she has become an amputee, Kayla has become an avid blade runner, sand volleyball player, public speaker, and adaptive ski instructor. Kayla is a Certified Peer Visitor through the Amputee Coalition of America’s education and certification program.