Spine & Neck Orthotics

Spine and neck orthotics consist of CTLSO, TLSO, semi-rigid TLSO, LSO, Cervical Colar and Halos. These devices should be considered when planning spinal surgery, struggling with a back or neck injury or for correcting a spinal disorder. Evergreen has your solution in our wide array of off-the-shelf or custom-made orthotics available.


Spinal orthoses may also be used in the treatment of spinal fractures. A Jewett brace, for instance, may be used to facilitate healing of certain vertebrae. A body jacket may be used to stabilize more involved fractures of the spine. The halo brace is a cervical thoracic orthosis (CTO) used to immobilize the cervical spine, usually following fracture. The halo allows the least cervical motion of all cervical orthoses currently in use. Evergreen practitioners are adept at fitting, modifying and customizing spine and neck orthotics for any individual and situation.