We pride ourselves on providing a trusted, safe, and friendly environment for your pediatric patients and their families. Ensure they receive the best by granting us the privilege of being a part of their care team.

Pediatric Orthotic Care

Pediatric orthotic care ranges from infants to children up to 18. Evergreen offers a full-range of services from activity specific devices to specialty devices and products for treatment of plagiocephaly, scoliosis, drop foot and more. Evergreen practitioners are educated and trained in pediatric bracing and support to meet each child’s unique needs. Your child will receive compassionate care and thoughtful treatment from infancy through adulthood. Children are continually growing, and Evergreen is continually staying ahead of the curve by learning and implementing the latest treatment techniques.


Cranial remolding helmets are custom fabricated for infants with plagiocephaly (a flattening of the skull). Ponseti braces are used for the treatment of clubfoot. This ensures our pediatric patients receive the very best care available and will grow to become healthy, functioning adult community members.