Knee Orthotics

Knee Orthotics (KO) or knee brace is a supportive brace that extends above and below the knee joint and is utilized to correct and/or maintain alignment or to gain strength in the knee. KOs can prevent flexion or extension instability of the knee and can also provide stabilization by replacing the function of injured or damaged ligaments. Knee braces can be used to alleviate stress from an area of the knee joint affected by arthritis or osteoarthritis by realigning the knee joint to valgus or varus. When used properly, a knee brace can help an individual stay active by enhancing the knee’s range of motion (ROM) and/or reducing pain.


Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses (KAFOs) is a combination of a knee brace with an AFO, which is designed to stopping motion, limiting motion, or assisting motion in all three joints involved. Fabrication of a KAFO includes materials such as metals, plastics, fabrics and leather. Conditions that benefit from the use of a KAFO include polio, paralysis, joint laxity or arthritis, fracture and many others.
  • Patellar strap
  • Palumbo lateral patella stabilizer
  • Neoprene knee sleeves
  • E.L.S. (Extension Lock Splint)
  • Knee splint, long-leg, hinges, post-op
  • Knee Braces (Custom or Pre-Fab)
  • ACL Sport
  • Donjoy Goldpoint or Defiance
  • Generation II
  • Innovation Sports CTI
  • Lenox Hill
  • Knee Immobilizer
  • Montana O.A. Brace
  • Ortho-Tech Performer
  • Townsend
  • Unloader
  • Functional Knee Orthosis