Hand Finger Amputations

Hand and Finger Amputations

There are many different amputation levels in the hand. They range from a digit or finger amputation, to a metacarpal amputation through the bones of the hand. When there is less need for, or difficulty in fitting, a prosthesis that offers increased function, cosmetic silicone prostheses are sometimes used.

Injuries to the fingertips are common in accidents at home, work and play. They can occur when a fingertip slams in a car door, while chopping vegetables, or even when clearing debris from a lawnmower or snowblower. Fingertip injuries can be crushing, tearing, or amputating injuries to the tips of fingers and thumbs. Injury can include damage to skin and soft tissue, bone (distal phalanx), or to the nail and nail bed. The tips of longer fingers tend to be injured more often because they are last to escape from harm’s way.