Above Knee

Above Knee Amputation & Knee Disarticulation

An Above Knee amputation (AKA) describes individuals that no longer have a foot, ankle and knee. This amputation can be a result of vascular complications, trauma or a previous below knee amputation.

These patients may also take advantage of the same gel liner technology that incorporates a pin for suspension or traditional suction to suspend their prosthesis. With this type of amputation special care is taken in designing the socket, suspension and choosing the appropriate knee and foot that will best fit the activity level and needs of the patient. The most important portion of a prosthesis is the socket, which is the component that comes into direct contact with the residual limb.

The knee disarticulation prosthesis would have similar component make-up to that of an above knee amputation. This type of amputation is in which the person has lost their limb or had an amputation through the knee joint. This means they have a full-length femur, “thigh bone” but no functional use of an anatomical knee joint so a mechanical knee is used in its place.